Basket Making at Severnside, Apperley

Basketmaking was  carried out in many homes in the parish, including a cottage named “Severnside”,  which was situated by the River Severn in Apperley.  A lady called Fanny grew up in that cottage in the early years of the  20th century, brought up  by her mother’s sister Mary-Ann Dunn.   Here, Fanny learnt the business of basket making which was carried out at Severnside for many years. 

Many  types of baskets were made including coal baskets (kipes) which were sent on tug  boats to Gloucester for sale to coal merchants.  The basketmakers would sit cross-legged in a little workshop next to the  house.

In the early 1930s Fanny married Cecil Allen, an engine driver.  They are remembered for keeping at  least a dozen cats, who would be lying around everywhere at Severnside.  Fanny was well known and respected in  the local community.  She and Cecil  are buried in Deerhurst churchyard.  

Photos – thanks to Celia Davey