Deerhurst Church


The Priory Church of St Mary, Deerhurst
The Priory Church of St Mary, Deerhurst

The Priory Church of St. Mary is of 8th Century origin, and is one of the finest church buildings in England to have survived from before the Norman conquest.  Deerhurst church is also very much a living parish Church.  It is the parish church of Deerhurst with Apperley and is part of the Severnside Benefice.
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Historical Interest…….
As you enter Deerhurst Church you can feel the years of history surrounding you.  Worship has been offered in this setting continually for almost 1300 years. There is so much of historical interest in Deerhurst Church, but particular items to look out for include:-

The Cassey Brass at the east end of the north aisle:
Sir John Cassey of Wightfield who died in 1400 was Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 
The brass contains a very rare example of a named animal (the dog named “Terri” or perhaps “Cerri”).

Saxon Font

The Saxon font which stands in the north-west corner of the church: This was discovered over a hundred years ago being used as a drinking trough in a local farm.  It is carved from a single block of limestone, with a spiral decoration.

Double headed wiondow

High on the wall of the nave you can see a marvellous and unusual double-headed window

Saxon Carving of Madonna with a child

An unusual carving of the Virgin with Child is located above the inner doorway into the church 

Thank you to Martin Griffiths for the photos on this page.

For further information about Deerhurst Church visit the Friends of Deerhurst Church website, which gives a detailed history of the church and news of lectures and events organised by the Friends.